Keramik Tischlampen von Elspeth Cohen für Lapid Pottery Works, 2er Set

392.00 EUR

This set of Lapid Pottery Works table lamps features hand-painted abstract designs. Lapid Pottery Works in Tel Aviv, Israel was founded shortly after the state of Israel was formed post WW2 in 1949 and closed in the 1990s. Other than that, very little is known about the company or the artists working there, even though they were probably the largest single pottery factory in Israel, and their output was impressive. These lamps are hand decorated using the ´wax-resist´ technique of applying overlapping elements to allow the preceding layer of decoration to show through. In his book ´´Art in Israel´´, (published in 1963 by Chilton Company U.S.) Benjamin Tammuz referred to the Lapid Pottery Company as follows: ´´Elspeth Cohen, designer for the Lapid factory, has also been responsible for some of the best Israeli ceramics. Her style is clean, austere and classical and in some ways reminiscent of contemporary Scandinavian design. It is unfortunate that Lapid is not equipped to produce large tableware, since her talent is admirable suited to this field´´. This piece is possibly signed under the felt but not confirmed. Measurements: height: 22´´ to top of socket (30.5´´ to top of shade), diameter: 8´´ (shade = 18´´).